Professional physical therapy services include:

1. Orthopaedic Rehabilitation therapy - for a variety of orthopedic trauma
    patients to provide appropriate treatment to speed up the recovery rate
    of Neck pain, back pain, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative
    joint     Fractures, joint dislocation
    Trigger finger, tennis elbow, golf elbow, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel
    syndrome, Outreach thumb longus tenosynovitis, plantar fasciitis
    Disc herniation, sciatica
    Muscle, tendon inflammation strain
    Various diseases, bad posture
    Headache, dizziness
    Paralysis of the hands and feet

2. Manual therapy - for patients with various types of musculoskeletal and
    joint use of appropriate manual therapy techniques including joint
    manipulation, fascia relaxation therapy, muscle energy therapy,
    postural comfort throughout treatment in order to achieve the best
    therapeutic effect

3. Sports injury treatment - to patients and athletes of various sports injury
    rehabilitation therapy to provide tailor-made and guide the movement of
    the right posture, so that athletes can best early recovery
    Various tendon, ligament sprains (example: cruciate ligament knee
    Muscle, ligament, tendon inflammation and tear
    Sports overuse injuries
Geriatric and neurology
4. Neurological rehabilitation - for neurology patients, such as stroke,
    Parkinson's disease, brain trauma symptoms such as providing
    rehabilitation training to achieve improved muscle strength,
    coordination and balance force, etc.

5. Chest rehabilitation - breathing exercises and the use of Professional
    aerobic exercise to improve the patient's chest cardiopulmonary
    function; In addition, also take care to provide sputum suction service

    Occupational Safety and Health Talk

6 injury assessment and treatment - for patients suffering from work-
    related injury assessment and targeted treatment of the work, so that
    patients can return to work as soon as possible

7. Pediatric Rehabilitation
    Flat feet and high arches
    Jiao-type insoles - custom insoles foot degree (correct foot problems)
    Torticollis in children
    Check and correct posture

8. Weight Control

    • acupuncture (control appetite, enhance digestion, speed up
    • registered dietitian consultation
    • lymph drainage therapy
    • Exercise Therapy (calculated daily amount of exercise required)
    • Deep Muscle Training

9. Home physiotherapy services (physical therapy may choose the home
    service, so customers can be more familiar with the environment for
    rehabilitation treatment, it can avoid long journey too)